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LFC and COVID-19

Posted on March 29, 2020 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (6152)

Hi LFC Family,

I hope you are all well and staying active during this stressful time. Because of our small membership and open space, we have been able to follow safety guidelines and stay open and continue classes during the last few chaotic weeks. I appreciate all the amazing efforts to maintain appropriate social distance, clean and disinfect equipment, and continue to take care of yourselves. We have such a special group of ladies!


Unfortunately, as the virus has spread throughout our state, we have to make more adjustments and the Governor has ordered all indoor fitness and health centers to close by 5pm Wednesday. At this point, I will ask that you do NOT come to the fitness center after Wednesday, March 25th, so we can do our part to contain this virus. If you are able to continue your membership, please hold on to your keys and be ready for us to re-open as soon as we are cleared.


I will be posting home workouts on social media and sending email links to an interactive platform for classes and small group personal training, as well as hosting outdoor workouts. I would love to continue all these group workouts at no additional charge for our members. Non-members will be required to pay per class for outdoor or online interactive classes. If you can utilize these services and are able to continue your membership, please do, so we will be able to re-open as soon as possible. I am also available for in-home personal training via FaceTime, Messenger, and Zoom. Regular session rates apply.Without your support, the fitness center may not be able to recover and re-open after this downtime.

I know all of you are going through major personal, social, and economic lifestyle challenges . As devastating as some of these are, please try to stay positive and focused on staying healthy. Use this time to spend more time with loved ones, complete home projects, read, enjoy the outdoors, exercise, rest, and replenish your hearts and bodies. We want to be ready because when we get through this, and we will, it’s gonna be ON!


These days remind me of when I was “self-quarantined” with my triplet preemies. We had very little money, I went weeks without leaving the house, there was no socializing (or social media), and I prayed every day that these precious little babies would stay healthy. Those first few years were long, tougher than I even knew at the time, and still some of the most precious memories that I have. 20 years later, those long days are a blur and I have the most amazing strong and beautiful college girls, with their equally wonderful little brothers, home and riding this out with us. Although our experience in no way compares to a global pandemic, I do believe that soon we will look back at this time and despite the hardships and fears, we will have newfound strength and joy.


I will continue to exercise daily, and I hope you will too!


Feel free to call, email, text any time.

See you at the gym…one day SOON!




LFC and Fitness for a Cure 2019

Posted on September 30, 2019 at 3:40 PM Comments comments (219)

We are celebrating our 12th LFC Anniversary and our 6th Annual Fitness for a cure this October!

Please join us for a week of fun and celebration in preparation for Fitntess for a Cure October 18th and 19th.

Friday, October 18th

8am CardioCore

9:00 Mini Pilates

5:30pm Barre-lesque

Saturday, October 19th 

7am HIIT Cancer Hard

7:45am Be Strong

8:30am Cardio Challenge

9:15am Booty Camp Cycle

10am Kickin Cancer's Butt

10:45am POUND out cancer

11:30 Shake it OFF Zumba

12:15 Chill Out- PIlates/Yoga

$10 per class/$35 all day Saturday/ $40 Friday and Saturday. All donations will be given to UNC Hospice and earmarked for families from Chatham County in need of financial assistance for Hospice Care.

Please join us for fun filled days for a great cause!

Belly Dancing with Jiji

Posted on August 27, 2019 at 1:30 PM Comments comments (515)

We are excited to announce our first session of Belly Dancing lessons with Jiji! Four weekly classes of progessive belly dancing instruction with an experienced professional belly dancer. This beautiful art form is also excellent for core training, conditiioning, and posture as well as promoting positive self image and body confidence. Ladies of all ages, abilities, and body types welcome! Open to LFC members and non-members.

Pre-register for a $5 discount. Classes will begin Sept 4th at 1pm or 7pm and run for four weeks. $60.

Contact Audrey for more information or to register. 919-895-0671

October and LFC Month!

Posted on October 1, 2017 at 8:15 PM Comments comments (201)


It is OCTOBER, LFC Month, and Fitness for a Cure Month!

The revised October schedule is attached! After careful deliberation and voting, our Friday cardio-core class has been moved to 8:30am! And it WILL start on TIME, especially this week with Kelly subbing ;) If you were in the minority who wanted to keep the 9:15 time, please feel free to arrive late. I promise you will still get a good workout! No promises on the ending time…

Childwatch will now be 8:30-10am on Fridays.

I’m also resending our Fitness for a Cure Flyer! Please spread the word. This event is open to all ladies, members and non-members.

We would like to invite all of our Survivor ladies to participate at no charge. If you are a survivor and would like to order a tank, M2 will add “Survivor” to your tank at no charge.

The pre-order sheet is at the front desk. Tanks are $15 and checks should be made to LFC. Checks for our FFAC event should be made out to: RHOTI (Reel Housewives of Topsail Island).

Don’t forget our LFC week October 16-21st! Our LFC spirit themes are printed on the schedule. It will also be bring a friend to workout week. Drag your friends along for free classes during our LFC week.

Also, if you refer a friend that joins in the month of October, you will earn a free month of LFC membership.

* BarreFusion this week

*Check out new Friday evening Zumba classes with Julie on the schedule this month! Dance into the weekend!

I’m excited! See you at the gym!



September at LFC

Posted on August 21, 2017 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (20)

Hi LFC Ladies!

I cannot believe we are rounding out summer. Luckily, we have an awesome September planned at the gym!

Pop Pilates has gotten off to a great start and will continue on a few Mondays and a Thursday evening next month. Jaimee will help us kick off the Labor Day holiday on Monday, September, 4th. We will NOT have child watch for the Labor Day holiday.

New to the schedule in September, will be a Wednesday evening DanceFit with Wendy at 5:30pm! Wendy describes this class as a high/low interval training cardio class with a few dance moves thrown in to bring the fun with a 100% sweat guarantee! This thirty minute class will be appropriate for all fitness and ability levels

Although we are already looking forward to the fall, the summer heat and humidity will linger a while longer. Please stay hydrated and be safe while exercising both indoors and outdoors.

Don't forget to share our website with your friends!

See you at the gym



Cabin Fever Buster

Posted on January 24, 2016 at 10:45 PM Comments comments (262)

Countdown: Complete 10 reps of each exercise, then 9, 8....down to 1 rep.

1. Ninja Jump Tucks

2. Man Makers

3. Leg Drop and Reach

4. Burpees

5. 4x4's

6. 2 Rows, 2 Triceps Push Ups

7. Power lunge

8. Tummy Drop and Pop Squat 

9. Side to Side V Ups

10. Commando Plank

*Man Maker- total body blast. Hold dumbbells- jump to plank position, 1 Pushup, Right Plank Row, 1 Pushup, Left Plank Row, Jump into a squat and clean, then stand and shoulder press. That's one rep. :)

Snow day workout

Posted on January 22, 2016 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (358)

NO Classes or Childwatch January 22 or 23.

You can still get a great home workout with our Snow Day workout!


No equipment

25 reps/exercise. Repeat as needed!

Beginners 10 reps/exercise and move without jumps

Lateral Ski Jump (feet together side to side jumps)

Ab Snow Angels (on your back shoulders and head off ground)

Cross Country Ski (Power lunge touchdown or back lunge)

Snow Supergirl Burpee (burpee to tummy down arms and legs extend)

Side Lunge Snow Shovel (step out wide to lunge and shovel)

Mt. Everest Climbers (plank mt climbers or wide feet climbers)

Ice Skaters (leap side to side)

Alaskan King Crab Dip and Kick (option tricep dip)

Rope Climb- (V sit and climb invisible rope)

Snow Boarders- (180 Squat Jumps)

Polar Bear Crawl- (hands and knees, crawl forward 4 and back 4)

Snow Ball Rolls- (Seated roll back like a ball, roll back up feet off the ground. Advanced roll back and stand or jump)